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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 20, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PST

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again, and life looking so slightly up again because of all that hard work, that i humbly submit as the best new thing in the world today. snu developing right now john mcafee is speaking out as he remains in hiding from police over a murder investigation. good morning, right now president obama is in southeast asia for a regional summit this opened the door to the first u.s. presidential visits to myanmar and cambodia. secretary of state hillary clinton was also there until just moments ago, when she
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departed for the middle east at the president's request. for more on that, political director and , chuck todd. >> reporter: it's fair to say the events in gaza have overshadowed what the president's been working on here in southeast asia. i can tell you this, last night cambodia time, the president was on the phone until 2:30 in the morning basically doing shuttle diplomacy first with egyptian president morsi and then netanyahu and then back on the phone with morsi. the reason there, obviously, talking to netanyahu getting a sense of what it would take to prevent him from doing the ground invasion into gaza. the talks with morsi are about, this is the egyptian leader, has the direct contacts with hamas. neither united states or israel has that. the decision to send secretary clinton i'm told by white house
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aides is neither an acknowledgment things are close neither do they feel things got stuck. they feel heir presence, first in israel and then in ramallah in the west bank, meaning with the palestinian authority, then in cairo could nudge along the process to see if they could get to a point of some sort of negotiated cease-fire. as far as the united states is concerned, what spokesperson said, that begins with hamas stopping the rocket fire into israel and then a longer negotiated settlement, they hope, can be agreed upon. >> chuck todd live in cambodia. thanks so much. as chuck was just talking about, secretary of state hillary clinton is going to be heading directly from cambodia to israel to try to help work out a diplomatic solution to the violent escalation of tensions in gaza. nbc's chapman bell is live with us for the situation there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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as calls for a cease-fire grow, the violence does continue. overnight the israeli defense force attacked 100 targets inside the gaza strip they say are necessary to stop this flow of rockets, underground rocket launchers and weapons depots as well as financial institutions to hamas. now, this morning, though, militants within the gaza strip responded with volleys of rockets. local media reporting about 60 rockets have been launched towards israel today. there's a growing concern, though, to get a cease-fire under way with this constant violence, particularly the civilian toll. over 100 people are been killed in gaza since these hostilities began seven days ago. almost a quarter of these deaths are children. that's really growing people to say, wait, we need to get a cease-fire here. u.n. secretary general ban
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ki-moon is taking the forefront of trying to get negotiations under way. with hillary clinton coming as well, they hope this will get a cease-fire under way and that this violence can stop here. >> chapman bell live in tel aviv, thank you. meanwhile, the israelis have a new missile defense system called the iron dome. it is proving to be highly effective as a weapons defense system. martin fletcher reports on that from southern israel. >> reporter: ground invasion of gaza or truce? officials say it's 50/50. leaving 3.5 million israelis at the mercy of palestinian rockets. defended by israel's new hero, the iron dome, an antimissile missile system made in israel helped with american money. of 900 rockets fired at israel in six days, only about 30 hit populated areas. >> we enjoy the iron dome, which is a huge success.
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and luckily -- >> reporter: there's a siren now. let's see what happens. it will only fire. the system calculates which rockets will hit an inhabited areas, like here, but it misses 2 out of 10, making life scary. children in bomb shelters for the sixth straight day. i'm afraid of the sirens, this 7-year-old says. another siren -- just as we left, not sure how many rockets have been fired right now, but the iron dome -- one, two, three, four iron dome rockets are exploding. we'll see what damage it did. five rockets fired from gaza, four intercepted, one got through and fell in a garden. there's some drama right now.
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nobody knows if there's casualties. terrifying some neighbors. others defiant. >> we will survive. we will survive. >> nbc's martin fletcher reporting. israel's iron dome comes with a hefty price tag. the u.s. has reportedly spent some $200 million out of the $500 million price tag and each of those countermeasure rockets cost as much as $500,000 each. to a breaking story in southern california. the fbi says a terror plot two years in the making has been thwarted. four men are training to join al qaeda and the taliban. their objective to kill, kidnap, name injure americans in afghanistan. we talked of blowing up a military base with a truck bomb. authorities say suspects spent time at shooting basing and
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spent time studying anwar al maliki. following the deadly consulate attack in benghazi, top intelligence officials tell nbc news they knew it was a terrorist attack from the start. but that it is could also have been spontaneous. and they say it was the intelligence community not the white house that wrote the talking points delivered by ambassador susan rice. 97 house republicans have signed a letter to the president opposing rice's potential nomination as secretary of state. now to a check of your weather we turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather forecast. something important coming up later this week. >> easy one, too. the northwest has been getting hard. good morning, everyone. except for the northwest everyone has been doing pretty
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well. the northwest, this was a huge storm for you. wind were gusting up to 100 miles per hour. coastal areas of oregon, some damage done, some minor power outages. now it's just raining really hard. another little area of low pressure, another storm's going to come in later on today. so, that's where all the troublesome weather is. you look at the rest the country. we're looking pretty nice. a few showers overnight heading through the great lakes and a big ocean storm. that's heading out to sea. we're not going to deal with that at all. the travel trouble spot, interstate 5 through oregon from eugene to portland, they picked up 2 1/2 inches of rain in the last 48 hours. we're not seeing huge problems with flooding but minor issues. the jet stream pattern because of this big storm out in the west is actually going to do a big dip down through the intermountain west, pumping warm up to the middle of the country. record highs in the midwest, wednesday even through thursday. thanksgiving day maybe people will be wearing shorts in areas
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like denver and heading through areas of missouri. right now we're in the 40s this morning. later this afternoon, after a cool start and even in new england, it will be a pretty decent day. just like yesterday, temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. talk about mild temperatures, denver at 65. kansas city at 64. as we go throughout the rest of the week, the storm in the west, that's the one we'll be watching. i'll give you the important wednesday and thursday travel day forecast coming up. >> thanks, bill. also coming up, was this indianapolis house explosion that killed two a homicide and not an accident as originally thought? plus, did our planet earth just dodge a dangerous solar tsunami? details are next. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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some stories making news this morning. a criminal homicide investigation has been launched into the indianapolis house explosion that killed two people november 10th. the prosecutor says they are now looking for information about a white van seen in the neighborhood the day of the blast.
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john mcafee, the multi-millionaire behind the mcafee antivirus computer software, is still hiding from police. they want to talk to him about the murder of his former neighbor. mcafee has started a blog and says he is innocent. he's announced a $25,000 reward for evidence leading to the capture of what he calls the real killers. vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden hosted their fourth early thanksgiving for wounded warriors yesterday welcoming service men and women and their families. >> i just can't tell you again how humble we are by your willingness to come and have an early thanksgiving dinner with us. and we have some just amazing video here of nasa with these two gigantic solar tsunamis. the huge explosions on the surface that were sent on friday of super hot plasma flares into
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space. luckily for us, not in the direction of planet earth. this sort of accident was bound to happen. paula broadwell tried to close her door, bushing a photographer from the associated press causing minor injuries. the photographer does not think it was intentional. broadwell has reportedly higher a high profile pr firm out of washington. the glover park group whose experts also follow dede myers after she enlisted crisis manager judy smith. new jersey governor chris christie is trying to win back love of republicans after commending president obama during superstorm sandy. the new york times reports christie got a frosty reception this weekend at republican governors meeting in las vegas. christie said he's not going to apologize for doing his job. the mayor of newark new
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jersey, cory booker, is considering living off nothing more than food stamps for up to a month. he made that challenge to someone on twitter to someone who challenged government's nutrition. we are looking for another four years to do even more. in nevada where prostitution is legal in some areas, the owner of the mustang ranch brothel has been elected to serve as county commissioner. all right. this is the first such achievement for a brothel owner in state history. wall street kicks off this week with the dow at 12,795 after jumping 207 points yesterday.
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the s&p climbed 27. the nasdaq went up 62. overseas markets were down this morning. the nikkei lost ten points while the hang seng fell 33. maybe congress should go out of town more often. lawmakers left washington for the holiday and markets rallied on hopes for compromise and fiscal cliff negotiations. the dow and the s&p had their best days in two months, while the nasdaq saw its biggest gain since late july. apple led the run-up adding a whopping 7%. google was a close number two climbing nearly 6%. traders even shrugged off news that moody's stripped france of its aaa credit rating. elsewhere, hostess and second largest union have agreed to try to resolve their differences in mediation. federal labor officials say they'll decide quickly whether to support walmart's request to support a union-backed group. teens shopping at mall of america will need to be
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accompanied by adult on thanksgiving night, black friday, and that week between christmas and new years all because a melee last year led to numerous arrests. a new online survey finds nearly one in five will celebrate thanksgiving with fellow employees in or out of the workplace. according to new economic data, harlingen, texas, is the most affordable set. norman and ardmore, oklahoma came in third, followed by pueblo, colorado and memphis, tennessee. another survey gives a whole new meaning to flushing your toilet down the toilet. a new survey about americans mobile shopping habits found more than 38 million americans admitted to having shopped online while on the throne. maybe an anonymous survey. bill karins will have your holiday travel forecast.
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dallas, 105-101. the clippers' chris paul was on the run for a rare dunk as he scored 19 points against the spurs and los angeles beat san antonio, 92-87. and finally, soccer star david beckham is going to be playing his final game for the los angeles galaxy. that's next month. they'll face houston for the mls championship. the 37-year-old's not going to retire but he's not yet announced where he plans to play next. paparazzi sure to follow. now for another look at your weather, here once again is nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. good morning. >> looking nice through the travel days here, especially as we build up to thanksgiving wednesday, of course tomorrow. new england, no problems whatsoever. like the last five days in a row. incredibly dry and chilly but it will warm up as we go through thanksgiving day. the rest of the country, the midwest is absolutely gorgeous. almost like springtime in some spots. 79 in dallas today. mid-60s right across the
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heartland. of course, the northwest is where the troublesome weather was and remains even today and into tomorrow. of course that big storm will slowlily be ending throughout wednesday. record highs are possible in the midwest for your wednesday, busy travel day. as far as the airports go, i think the best chance of rain on wednesday is going to be up in the northwest. only snow at the highest of elevations. much of the country is rain-free. this map, by the way, the green shows you where the rainy weather will be. after that chilly start we'll warm it up and start to head some of the heat from the midwest spreading to the east coast as we go throughout wednesday and thursday. a lot of people playing outdoors on thanksgiving day along the east coast as temperatures will be in the 50s, 60s and even 70s in the southeast. this green shows some chance of showers. it's not going to ruin your thanksgiving day plans. hit and miss, in and out rather quickly for areas like chicago, all the way up through milwaukee, green bay, st. louis, and eventually heading toward little rock. i got good news in the northwest struggling with the big storm
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and wet weather, thanksgiving day forecast is looking better. just a chance of showers up in seattle. this is as ideal as it gets. even back home from thanksgiving this upcoming weekend, no big storms. >> that's great, bill. barbara walters' most interesting people of 2012, we'll tell you who made the list. plus, is hollywood's wild child headed back to the big house? the saga that never ends. entertainment straight ahead. well, if it isn't mr. margin.
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hillary clinton is stepping down from her position as secretary of state. while we don't know how this will affect her 2016 presidential bid we do know that
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this is what she would look like if her face were turned upside down. >> i think the president has done an excellent job under the most difficult circumstances. that was amazing. can we do that for every single clip? entertainment headlines. lindsay lohan may be headed back to jail. have you heard this before? >> we should do a clip of you saying that 20 times. >> just but it up against one another. the 20-year-old actress will reportedly be charged with lying to police after she slammed her porsche into an 18-wheeler back in june. lohan claims she wasn't behind the wheel but officials say otherwise. seven of barbara walters' most fascinating people of 2012 have been unveiled. no, sorry, lindsay lohan is not one of them. some choices aren't too surprising like olympic gabby douglas, governor chris
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christie, sure, okay, but some others are raising eyebrows like british boy band one direction. >> i saw the crowd. the girls love the boys. >> maybe barbara's going for a certain demographic, you know. jackie chan won't be kung fu fighting anymore. he's 50 years old and says the upcoming film will be his last action film. while some will be disappointed by the news, he says i don't want to risk my life to sit in a wheelchair. >> he's a legend already. >> yeah, he's done and done. talk about getting beaten up for the sake of a movie. a poster of ryan gosling's newest film. he looks, shall we say, a bit different. >> you're not going to say bad. >> of course not. >> just different. >> different, in quotations. because it's just makeup. the actor is seen bloody and bruised, probably making it hard for him to top the list of sexiest man alive. >> pretty good job. >> apparently he plays some
2:29 am
boxer and he gets his butt kicked. >> he'll clean up okay, don't worry. i'm lynn berry. with "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. there's no letup to the violence rocking israel and the gaza strip today as both sides continue their attacks with more and more civilians caught in the crossfire. major developments including a new push by the obama administration to try to put an end to the blood shed. good morning, i'm meek yeah brzezinski along with joe scarborough. a lot to get to including a foiled terror plot here at home. the din


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